About Us

Top Sweet Suite in North Haven

Satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings at Events & Sweet Treats by Nikki D LLC. Indulge yourself at our suite as we offer a wide range of sugar confectionery, from popular and colorful sweet pies to your childhood favorites, masterfully crafted. A visit to our family-run one stop shop for all you party needs in ...

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Our Event Planning Services

There’s no aspect of event curation that we’re not able to cover. Our expertise covers food, beverages, hospitality, entertainment, and more, meaning you can rest easy with the knowledge that your event will result in some deliciously sweet memories for you and your guests.

Our Dedication to Quality and Innovation

We love making amazing, high-quality sweets, and we are always thinking of new ways to make treats that our customers will love. We are always looking to improve our creations as well as explore new recipes. We know that, no matter how old you are, you will enjoy our products. Moreover, we are sure that we will ...
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